Hannah Story


UX Designer and Web Whisperer
IS&T User Experience, Apple Inc.
Cupertino, California, USA


Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science
Minors in Cognitive Science & Information Science
Cornell University, Class of 2010
Ithaca, New York, USA


TL;DR: I have been a web designer/developer for fifteen years, a Mac for twenty-six, a pianist for twenty-four, and a ukulelist for ten.

Mac born and bred, I became interested in design and development for the web at age eleven. I taught myself the basics of markup, layout, and image production using Claris Home Page and AppleWorks. As I progressed through high school and college, I was fortunate to be able to continue the pursuit of this hobby alongside my academic career – I learned Photoshop 7 at the local junior college, and was on occasion able to talk my teachers into letting me create topical websites as alternatives to writing papers.

In college, I forged a path that combined my love of art, borne by a childhood rich with music and fine arts education, with a passion for the possibilities of technology, inspired by the rapid evolution of personal computing within my own short lifetime. I studied human-computer interaction topics, the inner workings of the visual pathway in the brain, the growth of societies in and around the age of the Internet, and much more. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science with minors in Cognitive Science and Information science in May 2010.

Today, I am honored to work for the company that shaped so much of my youth as a child of the digital age. In June 2010, after a previous summer internship, I accepted a full-time position with Apple Inc. in the IT Development Program, a specialized rotation through Apple's IS&T department that sent me to four distinct teams over two years. I had the opportunity and privilege to work closely with some of the most skilled, passionate people I've ever met, and to gain experience in a variety of roles, including project management, systems administration, front-end and back-end web development, quality assurance, UX design, and more.

In July 2012, at the end of my two-year rotation, I accepted a full-time position with an internal UX design team at Apple. Today, I work with them as a hybrid UX designer and technical resource, providing a breadth of skills and expertise to internally-facing software development projects. I contribute interaction design, information architecture, visual design, visual asset production, usability research, UX quality assurance, scripting, and web development knowledge to my team. It's incredibly humbling to work with passionate people, on far-reaching projects, that teach me more day by day.

During my time away from work, I enjoy playing piano and ukulele, taking scenic bike rides and drives around the Bay Area, indulging my love for pixel art through cross stitch and needlepoint, and spending quality offline time with my friends and family.


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